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'The Suffolk Fine Arts Association held its [first] exhibition on Wednesday 20 August 1850, at the New Lecture Hall of the Mechanics' Institution, Ipswich. At two o'clock in the afternoon, there was a private view for subscribers, when upwards of 100 were in attendance. At 8 o'clock in the evening, the Converzatione took place, which lasted until nearly eleven o'clock, affording much gratification to those by whom it was attended. Lighted up with gas, the hall had a brilliant appearance. The Committee appeared to have been indefatigable in giving due éclat to the exhibition; the whole of the productions having been arranged with great taste, and with every disposition to set off the merits of the respective artists to the greatest advantage. Of the character of the exhibition, it was pronounced to have been first-rate, and far exceeding the expectations of its promoters. The landscapes, in oil, were regarded the most valuable, though the productions in water-colours contained a great number of very fine specimens. The London artists seem to have contributed the great bulk. Next in order came the productions of the Norwich artists, whilst the Ipswich artists, in point of number of contributors, stood third. As regards the latter, the deficiency created no surprise, this being the first exhibition of the kind in Ipswich. The success of the experiment this year, will, no doubt, act as a stimulus for the future.' Other than this newspaper advertisements, little is known.

Artists exhibiting *indicates that a the Artist is noted elsewhere, others have the names of their exhibits and need more information. 248 pictures and 15 sculptures were on show.
J C Archer
'The Holm-Wood, Surrey' watercolour
Mrs R. Baine
'The Fake of Tiberias, or Sea of Galilee'
*William Barclay (1797-1859)
*Frederick Barnes (1814-1898)
*George Barret, jun. the late (1767-1842)
*Ferdinand Henry Bischoff (1795-1854)
*Charles Ferdinand Bischoff (1820-1898)
*Henry John Boddington (Williams) 1811-1865
see under second child of Edward Williams 1781-1855
*Henry Bright (1810-1873) maybe another H D Bright
*George Grosvenor Bullock (1799-1858)
*Robert Burrows (1810-1883)
*Revd Charles Carver (1797-1862)
*John Chase (1810-1879)
*Thomas Churchyard (1798-1865)
*William Barnard Clarke (1807-1894)
Miss Cleaver
'Lavoir de l'Ancienne Brasserie, near Cherbourg'
'An Old Windmill'
'Chateau Margeaux, Normandy'
S Collins (?Samuel Collins)
'Park Scene' watercolour
'Landscape with a Farmhouse' watercolour
*Alfred Hitchens Corbould (1821-1874)
*Aster Richard Chilton Corbould (1811-1882)
*Frederick Cowie (1823-1898)
*Henry Davy (1793-1865)
*Dennis Wood Deane (1822-1900)
*Charles Dukes (1805-1869)
J W Eagle
'The Nest of a Sea Eagle' watercolour
J Fairlie
'Overflowed Meadows at Pell Level, near Hastings' watercolour
'King William Street, City; taken during the alterations' watercolour
'The Cool Retreat' watercolour
'Reminiscences of Devonshire' six views watercolour
*Mrs Katherine Georgiana Fonnereau (1806-1885)
*John Gale (1789-1860)
*Arthur Gilbert (Frederick Williams) (1819-1895)
see under fourth child of Edward Williams 1781-1855
*Henry Browne Hagreen (1830-1912)
*William Noble Hardwick
*William Havell (1782-1857)
*William Hemsley
*Henry George Hine (1811-1895)
*David Hodgson (1798-1864)
Robert James
*Alexander Johnston (1815-1891)
*Henry Jutsum (1816-1879)
*William Kidd (1795-1863)
*Miss Rosina Knight [Hickmott] 1831-1863
*John Berney Ladbrooke (1803-1879)
*George Henry Laporte (1799-1873)
*Henry Frederick Leverett (1819-1864)
*Thomas Lindsay (26 December 1792-1860/1)
*William Linton (1791-1876)
*Thomas Lound (1802-1861)
*Thomas Herbert Maguire (1821-1895)
*Robert Mendham (1872-1875)
*John Middleton (1827-1856)
*Thomas Mogford (1809-1868)
*Edward Monson (1821-1907)
*George Belton Moore (1806-1875)
*William Oliver (1804-1853)
*Mrs William Oliver - Emma Sophia Oliver (1819-1885)
*Henry Perlee Parker (1795-1873)
*William Parrott (1813-1875)
*James Peel (1811-1906)
*Edwin Aaron Penley (1828-1893)
*Sidney Richard Percy (Williams) (1822-1886)
see under sixth child of Edward Williams 1781-1855
*Richard Makilwaine Phipson (1827-1884)
*Henry James Pidding (c.1797-1864)
*Samuel Prout (1783-1852)
J M Puller
'The Rivals'
*John Anthony Puller (1799-1886)
*Samuel Read (1815-1883)
*William Richardson (1817-1883) [not the lithographer 1818-]
*Thomas Roods (1807-1871)
*Frederick Brett Russel (1813-1869)
*John Coulson Sammons (1818-1874)
*A Sands
*John Smart (1793-1858)
*Edward Robert Smythe (1810-1899)
*Thomas Smyth[e] (1825-1906)
*Archer Stanley (1826-1877)
*Charles Horace Stanley (1822-1890)
*Caleb Robert Stanley (1795-1868)
*Mrs Emily Stannard (1803-1885)
*James Stark (1794-1859)
*Rev Thomas Felix Thomas (1802-1887)
*William Cave Thomas (1820-1906)
*John Thompson (1785-1866)
*Lady Paulina Trevelyan (1816-1866)
G G Watts exhibited same as George Frederick Watts?
*George Frederick Watts (1817-1904)
*George Burrell Willcock (1810-1852)
*Alfred Walter Williams (1824-1905)
*Arthur Gilbert Frederick Williams see Gilbert
*Edward Williams (1781-1855)
*Edward Charles Williams (1807-1881)
*George Augustus Williams (1814-1901)
*Sidney Richard Percy Williams - see Percy
*Henry Britton Willis (1810-1884)
*William Anthony Wilson (1814-1873)
*James Digman Wingfield (1812-1872)
*Joseph Wolf (1820-1899)
*John Mallows Youngman (2 July 1816-1899)
*Johann Christian Zeitter (1798-1862)