SANDS, Antonio Frederic Augustus

1829 - 1904

Frederick Sandys

As Antonio Frederic Augustus Sands, he was born in Norwich on 1 May and baptised at St Stephen's Church on 3 May 1829, but is better known as Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys or just Frederick Sandys, son of portrait painter Anthony Sands (1906-1883) and his wife Mary Ann née Browne (born c.1808), who married at Lakenheath, Norfolk on 22 December 1828. He received his earliest lessons in art from his father but was educated at Norwich School and later attended the Norwich School of Design in 1846. His early studies show that he had a natural gift for careful and beautiful drawing and in 1847 exhibited at the Royal Society of Arts. A Pre-Raphaelite painter, illustrator and draughtsman and as A. Sands he exhibited at the Suffolk Fine Art Association at Ipswich in 1850 'Dead Game'. He married at St Pancras, London in 1853, Georgiana Creed, but this marriage only lasted three years, but never divorced and he had a long affair with the Romany woman Keomi Gray, by whom he had two sons and two daughters, Keomi sat as a model both for him and Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882). In 1862 Sandys met actress Mary Emma Jones, known as Miss Clive, when she modeled for 'The Magdalen' and a relationship developed and he took her as his common-law wife for the rest of his life and by whom he had at least ten children. He died at Kensington, London on 26 June 1904.