KIDD, William

c.1791 - 1863

Williiam Kidd and his wife

William Kidd was born in Lothian Scotland around 1791, son of Walter Kidd and his wife Ann née Stewart. A prolific Scottish artist known for his comic depictions of cosy domestic scenes in romantic-era Scotland and England. He also illustrated works of various authors including Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns. About 1820, Kidd moved to London when he began to explore and develop his comic depictions of domestic scenes and first exhibited at the Royal Academy in London in 1817 and his works were regularly exhibited at the Academy until about 1851. He also exhibited from Bush Row, Lantwit Lower, Neath, Glamorganshire and, at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association at Ipswich in 1850 he had on show, 'A Fair Breeze' and exhibited regularly at the Society of British Artists 1826-1853 from twelve different London addresses. He married at St Pancras Old Church, London on 6 September 1842, Jane Lindsay Carphin, née Hay, widow of John Carphin but his later years were dogged by poverty. Kidd's wife died in July 1854 and William Kidd died on 24 December 1863.

Self Portrait with the Artist's Wife

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 24 Little Guildford Street, Russell Square, London
1817 214 A Parrot
         263 The Oyster Stall
         445 The Deserter Taken
1818 13 The Poacher Detected
1819 193 Sunday Morning; or a bad account of last week's wages
         603 Village Feast
1820 11 The Travelling Tinker
from 39 Cromer Street, Brunswick Square, London
1821 164 The Drunken Smith
1822 122 The Veteran's Gravy
         339 Shelah, Sappho, and Dandy, setters
1823 333 The Traveller disturbed at his Repast
from 23 Northampton Street, Battle Bridge
1826 6 The Drunken Husband
from 13 Tottenham Court, New Road, London
1827 20 Sportsmen Regaling
1828 271 The Artist
1829 213 The First Child
from 3 Edward Street, Hampstead Road
1830 70 The Lover's Signal
from 52 Upper John Street, Fitzroy Square
1831 191 The Truant
from 33 York Buildings, New Road
1833 274 Hydraulics
from 31 George Street, New Road
1835 12 The Refractory Model
1836 441 The Young Widow's Petition
from 34 York Buildings, New Road
1837 226 The Elopement Discovered
from 83 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square
1839 422 The Friendly Contest
from 22 George Street, New Road
1841 237 England's Pride
         419 England's Glory
1842 455 A Highland Reel
from 25 Acton Street, Grays Inn Lane
1844 603 St Valentine's Morning
1845 581 The Cotter's Saturday Night
1846 712 The Jolly Beggars
1847 263 The Juvenile Concert
from 15 Judd Place East, New Road, London
1850 1006 Hallowe'en - Ducking for Apples
1851 802 My Boy Tommy

Works by This Artist