CORBOULD, Aster Richard Chilton

1811 - 1882

Aster Richard Chilton Corbould was born at Easton, Suffolk on 17 September 1811 and baptised both at St George's, Bloomsbury and at Easton, son of Thomas Richard Corbould (1783-1865), of the Bank of England, and his wife Mary née Chilton (1789-1853), who married at Ufford, Suffolk on 3 September 1810, Aster's uncle was Henry Corbould (1787-9 December 1844). Aster was a celebrated painter of sporting animals and portraits and exhibited 35 works at the Royal Academy, 32 at the British Institute and forty-eight at Suffolk Street Galleries between 1842 and 1877. Aster was also a lithographer and amongst his patrons was the Earl and Countess of Rosshire. He married at Claygate, Surrey on 27 April 1848, Elizabeth Royall Ker, who died 15 January 1914, aged 87. Aster Richard Chilton Corbould died at his residence, 11 Phillimore Terrace, Kensington on 31 October 1882 and buried at Hampstead. They had six children. At the Suffolk Fine Arts Association exhibition at Ipswich in 1850 was exhibited 'Deer Stalkers in the Highlands' which was labelled A R C Corbould and another 'Park with Fallow Deer' by Aster R C Corbould. In the same exhibition, exhibit No. 48, 'Jack-in-the-Box' by A. Corbould was painted by Alfred Hitchens Corbould.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 9 Bankside, London
1850 13 Market Day
1851 17 Sunshine and Shade
1852 621 Homestead, Claygate, Surrey
1854 92 Common Cows
1856 493 Portrait of a Gentleman
1857 468 The Roadside
1858 149 Returning to the Marshes
from 9 Devonshire Terrace, Kensington
1859 941 The English Farmer
1862 33 Waiting for the Ferry
         426 The Church Farm
         602 Part of the Flock
1863 697 Southward Bound
1864 173 A Highland Herd
from 11 Phillimore Terrace, Kensington
1866 39 The Mid-day Rest
1867 270 Highland Stots
         477 Off for the South
         496 Disputing a Passage

Works by This Artist