OLIVER, William

1804 - 1853

William Oliver

William Oliver was born at Sudbury, Suffolk on 3 October 1804 and baptised at the Old Church, St Pancras, London on 30 December 1804, son of Francis Oliver and his wife Ann, the 1851 census he gives his place of birth as Sudbury. A landscape painter in both oil and in watercolours, painting views in England, France, Italy & Switzerland, being especially fond of the Pyrenees. Oliver began to exhibit in 1829, when he sent to the Society of British Artists ‘A Beach Scene in Kent' and a ‘Fish Boat'. In 1831 elected a member of the New Society of Painters in Water Colours, now the Royal Institute, and his drawings appeared annually at its exhibitions until 1854. In 1842 he published a folio of 'Scenery of the Pyrenees' lithographed by George Barnard, Thomas Shotter Boys, and others. He also sent oil-paintings to the Royal Academy 1835-1853, and to the British Institution from 1836 also showing at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association held at Ipswich in 1850, three works 'Ruined Castle of Nagros, overhanging Lac di Garda, Venetian Tyrol', 'Bridge at Gabas, Pyrenees, Pass into Spain' and 'Sunset, Italy'. When of Howland Street, Fitzroy Square, London, he married at the Old Church, St Pancras, London on 21 September 1840, Emma Sophia Oliver née Eburne and they had two children William Redivivas, born 1841 and Emma Caroline, born 1844. William Oliver, when of Ovington Square, Knightsbridge, died at Langley Mill House, Halstead, Essex, on 2 November 1853, aged 49. His works are held by the Victoria & Albert Museum, Sheffield and Sunderland Art Galleries and the South Kensington Museum. His works are sometimes conflated with another artist William Oliver (1823-1901).

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 53 Newman Street, London
1835 489 View on the Soane, France
         592 At Périgueux, France
from 10 Upper Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square
1836 559 At King's Wear, Devonshire
         841 Village of La Roquebrou on the River Dordogne, France
1837 75 A Sketch from Nature, near Totnes, Devon
         348 Old Mill at Sydford, Devon
from 41 Howland Street, Fitzroy Square
1839 537 View near Ragatz, Canton of St Gallen, Switzerland
1840 15 Town and Chateau of Pau, Pyrenées
from 26 Charles Street, Berners Street, London
1841 402 St Sauveur les Bany, Valley of Barreges, Pyrenées
         424 Chateau des Lourdes, Pyrenees, France
         1168 Valley d'Assau and Vieux Castels, Pyrenées
1842 341 View in Vallée du Lys, near Bagnères de Luchon, Pyrenées
1843 147 Scene on the Gave de Pau, Pyrenees
         1080 Distant View of the Pie du Midi, Pyrenees - drawing
         1218 Ruins of the Castel Tonguedie, Brittany, France - drawing
from 39 Manchester Street, Manchester Square
1844 435 Thirgill Brook, Yorkshire
from 22 Conduit Street, Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park Gardens
1846 394 Inundation Scene, in the Province of Rousillon, South of France
         1220 Entrance to the Prison Fortress of Mont St Michael, Normandy
from 22 Ovington Square, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge
1847 485 Village of Argelez, valley of the Laavedan, Pyrenees
1849 79 Sunset, valley of Luchon, Pyrenees
         339 On the Tiber, Porta Portesia, Rome
1850 611 Old Watermill on the Tiber, near Peruga, Italy
         646 View on the River Inn, near Swartz Tyrol
1851 519 Auberge, at Louvic, Valley of Ossau, Pyrenees
         607 On the Road from Foligno Spello, Papal States of Italy
1853 1280 Bridge over the Torrent of the Passeyer Bach at Merar, Tyrol
         1284 View on the River Moselle, near Pommera

Works by This Artist