1814 - 1899

William Richardson was baptised at St Sampson's Church, York on 29 August 1814, son of John Richardson, a cabinet maker, and his wife Eleanor. William became an architect and specialised in drawings of abbeys and ruins. He exhibited at the Royal Academy 1842-1877 and at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association at Ipswich when in 1850 he had on show 'Buckfastleigh, Devon'. In 1881, a 67-year-old widower and an artist, living at 25 Stratford Place, St Pancras, London with his 25-year-old daughter Alice and sons Arthur E. 18, an architect's pupil, both born at St Pancras. In 1891 still at Stratford Place 'an artist in oil and sculptor' with children Katherine 57, a teacher, Frederick 30, an architect and Alfred 26, assistant cotton merchant, all born in London. William Richardson died at 24 Belsize Grove, Hampstead, London on 12 December 1899, aged 84.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 33 London Street, Fitzroy Square, London
1842 1002 York Cathedral, from the South-east
from 79 Albany Street, Regent's Park, London
1844 1187 Interior of the Chapter House at Howden, Yorkshire
from 38a Edward Street, Hampstead Road, London
1845 340 Interior of Bolton Abbey
1846 290 Study from Nature, Wharfdale, Yorkshire
1847 1248 The Interior of Roslyn Chapel
1848 51 A Reminiscence of Roslyn
         116 The Mill: Thames Scenery near Henley
         309 My First Study at York
from 33 Harrington Square, Hampstead Road, London
1849 351 The Weald of Kent
1850 272 At Buckfastleigh
         644 Buckfastleigh
from 14 Murray Street, Camden Road Villas, London
1851 1 The Windings of the Wye: morning
1852 120 The Saw-pit
1856 1169 Edward the Confessor's Chapel, Westminster Abbey
from Ebor Villa, Stratford Place, Camden Square, London
1865 508 Roslyn Chapel
from 25 Stratford Place, Camden Square, London
1869 991 Roslyn Chapel

Works by This Artist