1798 - 1862

Johann Christian Zeitter, was baptised at Strand, London on 24 March 1798, son of German parents, John Martin Zeitter and his wife Regina Elizabeth née Durr, who married at St Anne Soho, Westminster on 20 May 1798, his first name had been anglicised from Johann to John. Rather late in his career in 1823 he studied at the Royal Academy Schools. John worked with Henry Thomas Alken in Ipswich and married at the Old Church, St Pancras, London on 9 September 1831, Henry Alken's daughter, Lydia Anne Alken (c1814-1892) who was born in Ipswich. A member of the Royal Society of British Artists exhibiting at the Royal Academy and at the British Institution and at the Suffolk Street Gallery in London. In 1836 he journeyed to his parents homelands in Europe making sketches of the people and of the countryside. In 1841, a 44 year old artist, living at Edward Street, Marylebone, London, together with his 27 year old wife. He exhibited at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association exhibition at the New Lecture Hall at the Mechanics' Institute in Ipswich in August 1850, an oil painting 'A Coast Scene with Market Boats'. John Christian Zeitter died at Hammersmith, London on 23 June 1862, aged 64 and in April 1863 a sale of his sketches and studies was held at 8 Argyl Street, London 'for the benefit of his widow'.

Works by This Artist