1946 - ?

Bath Academy of Art

Bath Academy of Art was established by the artist Paul Ayshford, Lord Methuen, at his home, Corsham Court, Wiltshire, in 1946. Additional annexes at Bath, and at Beechfield, incorporated a residential college for art teachers and Bath School of Art that had been in existence since 1852. The first directors were Clifford and Rosemary Ellis, and the early syllabus included printmaking, film, music, and drama, in addition to the basic subjects of painting and sculpture. The Academy rapidly gained a reputation as a centre for excellence, and the qualifications it awarded were given Government recognition. Over the years, its staff and alumni have included several practitioners such as sculptors Bernard Meadows and Kenneth Armitage, painters William Scott, Terry Frost, Peter Lanyon, Adrian Heath, Howard Hodgkin, Anthony Fry, Martin Froy, Gillian Ayres, Claus Oldenburg, Peter Potworowski, Claes Oldenburg, Richard Hamilton, Jim Dine, Gillian Ayres and Robyn Denny. It is now a college of Bath Spa University and is situated in Sion Hill, to the north of Bath City centre. The closure of the Academy at Corsham 1983 and its return to the City of Bath was part of change, leading to the School becoming part of today’s Bath Spa University.