1902 - ?

Falmouth School of Art was established in 1902, a private undertaking offering classes such as Freehand Drawing, Model Drawing, Painting from Still Life, Drawing from the Antique and Memory Drawing of Plant Form. Students were charged between four shillings [20p] and ten shillings [50p] per session and offered the opportunity to enter for Board of Education examinations. Just before Second World War, the local education authority took over the running of the School and during the War and shortly after the administration fell to the Head of nearby Truro School of Art. In the early 1950s the school relocated from Arwenack Avenue to Kerris Vean in Woodlane and sculpture studios and printed textile studios were added to their new premises. Over the years the School has grown, increased its student numbers and is recognised as a centre of excellence and has had several name changes, Falmouth College of Art, Falmouth College of Arts, Falmouth College of Art & Design and in 2008 it merged with Dartington College of Arts and by 2012 had been granted full university status as the University of Falmouth.
Website: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk