LOMAX, Patricia T

1934 - ?

Patricia Lomax

As Patricia Gifford she was born at Edmonton, London in 1934, daughter of Kenneth Howard B. Gifford (21 November 1908-1991), air ministry chief examiner, and his wife Maud Dorothy née Palmer (5 June 1910-2005), who married at Hackney, London in 1933 and in 1939 were living at Hareway Holding, High Street, Warwick. Educated in Avignon LíEcole des Beaux Arts in the 50ís, Wall Hall College, Hertfordshire, in the 70ís, teaching diploma specialising in Fine Art, and at Falmouth College of Art and Design 1988-1990, diploma in Fine Art. She married at Brentwood, Essex in 1955, Gerald M. Lomax and works under the name of Patricia Lomax. Around 1960 she made a whole series of paintings in Suffolk, at the time that the Sizewell 'A' nuclear power station was to be closed (31 December 2006) when she lived nearby at that time. All the paintings were red, very red and minimal in structure whhich were exhibited in the Peter Pears Gallery in Aldebugh and were an immediate success and went on to make several hundred on the same theme the majority of them being sold. The red symbolised her feelings about the Sizewell situation but it is doubtful that her clients really appreciated the subject. In general all of her work is concerned with the surroundings in which she has found herself, this has varied from small towns and restaurants across Suffolk, years spent on an ocean-going yacht and latterly on a dairy farm in the depths of rural Devon. This variety of homes and lifestyles has contributed to a stock rather than varied themes in her work but always with an emphasis on colour and mark. Over the years she has exhibited in Europe, notably London, Paris, Dublin and Rotterdam, also in the United States, both in New York and Florida. Her current home and studio is at Lower East Kimber Farm, Northlew, Okehampton, Devon.

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