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Tom Moglu

Thomas Moglu studied at Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts and the Falmouth College of Art and has worked as a museum guide and a web researcher. His collages contain a sense of soul, located in the history of the paper through time and interaction. Although it has been dealt with, having passed through hands or underfoot, the artistís treatment of the worn and dirtied media is delicate and thoughtful. The aesthetic of the artwork is minimalist, and Mogluís choice to mount his collage on record sleeves and covers refers again to the notion of objects containing a past. The artist lives and works in the United Kingdom but moves around frequently including France, Germany, Bristol, London, Cornwall, Norfolk, and Suffolk, looking at floors, doors and shores and picking up scrap paper along the way. His background as a painter, model animator, and illustrator informs the balance, colour, and tactile nature of the collages. He is currently starting to branch out into ceramics, print and textiles. He donated a work from Willingham St Mary, Suffolk to the Westhall Secret Postcard Auction in 2013, a collage 'Elk/Sep/Thel'. He later moved to France.

Works by This Artist