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Aldeburgh Lookout

The Arts Club Aldeburgh Beach at 31 Crag Path, Aldeburgh was launched in 2013 and combines elements of the Chelsea Arts Club and Gertrude Stein's arts salon. The club now has just over 250 members - including the most inspiring and influential of the London and Suffolk art scene. Members are invited to exclusive events here at the Lookout and Art House on Aldeburgh beach, including talks, concerts and suppers and lunches on the beach. Events are also held at houses all around Suffolk. There is a monthly newsletter which publicises the arts activities in Suffolk organised by members, as well as a monthly Arts Club lunch held at the East Coast Cafe in Aldeburgh. Members in 2017 included Jill Green, Ben Preston, Helen Atkinson Wood, Blake Morrison, photographer Eamonn McCabe, Peter Blake, Eileen Cooper, R.A., Roger Wright, Daphne Astor, Humphrey Burton, Michael Gambon, Ryan James Gander, Michael & Patty Hopkins, Anthony Horowitz, Tessa Newcomb, Libby Purves, Diana Quick, Janice Turner.