2017 - ?

The Old Telephone Exchange, Saxmundham

The Art Station is a dynamic, ambitious, arts organisation and charity, developing and supporting the creative industries in Saxmundham, Suffolk, using its venue in the old 1950s telephone exchange as a base for a dynamic Art and Learning Programme for local community and East Coastal Suffolk as well as providing attractive workspaces, a co-working area and tech space with a high-speed line. They first started offering the local community, contemporary art installations and an-all ages art education programme in June 2017 and developing Saxmundham station building as a new arts venue. After a fire they opened their new studios in 2020 which were open to the public in May 2021. The community enjoy being in their creative space and are excited about taking part and meeting new people. The Art Station, 48 High Street, Saxmundham, Suffolk.

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