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The Norwich Twenty Group, is a group of artists in Norfolk, England. Stimulated by contemporary art movements, the original group of 14 artists, met in November 1944, they intended to raise standards of local professional art to something worthy of the artistic history of Norfolk, by mutual criticism and appraisal of work. On 8 January 1945, they named the Group “The Norwich Twenty Group” and a constitution was signed. N20G continues to flourish with new members. Since 1944, over 270 artists have been members. The artists have included Bernard Reynolds, Edward Barker, Leslie Davenport, Michael Andrews, Mary Newcomb, Hamilton Wood, Jeffery Camp and Cavendish Morton. Since 1945 and until the end of 2013, some 150 art shows have been organised. Shows have taken place in 97 venues in Norwich, 35 in East Anglia, 11 outside East Anglia and 7 in Europe. Many of the artists trained at the Norwich School of Art and Design, now Norwich University of the Arts, Royal College of Art, Slade School of Fine Art, and other well known art schools. Many have travelled widely, studying the arts of other cultures and have exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2015 members include 88 artists, with three life members and four honorary members. Several NUA graduates are invited to join the group every year, for one year, under the Licentiate Scheme. Meeting challenges in today’s contemporary art, N20G now encompasses artists working in all media from paint, sculpture, installations and digital, ever seeking to nurture new members and forms of art. From mid-2015 the chairman is Martin Laurance, Contemporary Artist.
Founder members
First eight members who attended the inaugural meeting on 13 November 1944
•Walter Thomas Watling (1885–1956)
•Maidie Buckingham (1901–1988)
•Henley G. Curl (1910–1989)
•Margaret Fitzsimmons-Hall
•Tom Griffiths (1901–1990)
•Aileen Law
•Wilfred S. Pettitt (1904–1978)
•Bernard Reynolds (1915–1997)

Next admissions in 1944/45
•Edward Barker (1918–1983)
•Leslie Davenport (1905–1973)
•Leslie Moore (1913–1976)
•John Trudgill (1916–1986)
•Jim Starling (1905–1996)
•James Fletcher-Watson (1913–2004)