1935 - 2006

Brian Ernest Hagger was born at York Road, Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk on 29 January 1935, only child of Arthur Ernest Hagger (6 September 1908-25 December 2001), manager of a hardware store, and his wife Edith Emily Noami Broome (17 January 1902-1976), daughter of Willie Arthur Broome of Bury St Edmund's, who married at the Cathedral Church of St James, Bury St Edmund's on 4 April 1931 and in 1939 were living at 41 York Road, Bury St Edmund's. Brian was educated at West Suffolk Grammar School, Bury St Edmund's and in 1952 won the second highest award out of 5,220 entries at the Royal Drawing School Children's Academy at the Guildhall, London. Brian then studied at Ipswich School of Art 1952-1956 and, after National Service, the Royal College of Art 1958-1961, his teachers included Colin Moss, Philip 'Pif' Fortin, Ruskin Spear (1911-1990) and Carel Weight (1908-1997). Between leaving college and 1976, when living in Brighton, Brian produced over 350 paintings of London, mostly of Fulham and King's Road, Chelsea. He exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 1959-1978 and had solo exhibitions at Bramante Gallery 1968-1971, Thackeray Gallery 1972-1975 with his last at Langton Gallery in 1976 with mixed exhibitions at Phoenix Art Gallery, Lavenham and with the Norwich Twenty Group. He married at Polstead, Suffolk in 1964, Anne E. Richardson and had a daughter. In 1979 Brian Ernest Hagger returned to East Anglia living at Norwich, Norfolk where he died on 18 March 2006.

Royal Academy exhibits
from 73 Tachbrook Street, Victoria, SW1
1959 458 Palace Guard
         490 Whitewash
from 84b Canfield Gardens, Hampstead
1960 144 Thames
from 2 Wetherby Place, Gloucester Road, SW7
1961 281 Half-past Five
from 39 Redcliffe Square, SW10
1973 10 Snowy Thursday, Munster Road
         62 Tea-break, Lots Road
from 10 Islingword Street, Brighton
1975 49 Grey Day: North End Road
         836 Kempson Road
         840 Fulham Pottery
from c/o Langton Gallery, 3 Langton Street, SW10
1976 1305 Old Buildings, Tachbrook Street, SW1
from 10 Islingword Street, Brighton
1977 889 Market: Tachbrook Street, SW1
         890 A Memory of Fulham
1978 1172 The Warwick Arms, SW1
         1238 The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Works by This Artist