2013 - ?

Old Jet studios

Old Jet Arts Centre, is an art centre situated at Building 567 at Bentwaters, near Woodbridge in Suffolk. Founded in 2013 by Jesse Joseph Quin, a former pupil at Framlingham's Thomas Mills High School and a bass player of the British pop rock band Keane with whom he still performs. Jesse, who returned to Suffolk after years of living in London, to settle in Woodbridge. Old Jet contains 15 rooms for artists of all disciplines and an upstairs music studio. Next door stands an enormous rehearsal hangar, while a nearby unit stores equipment for bands including for Mumford and Sons. Old Jet currently has several resident artists, including one of the nation’s leading surf photographers and are looking for working creatives – people who will go off to do a project and then come back with some rooms, ideal for self-employed artists or people who want to share a space or for small companies. In 2018 residents include the founder of The Eden Project Peter Hampel, the illustrator Brie Harrison and Jason Carter, who hand prints T-shirts at Old Jet for his surfing and skating clothing company Hoax. Artists include Jelly Green www.oldjet.co.uk