MANN, Rachael

1993 - ?

Rachel Mann

Rachel Victoria Mann was born in Suffolk in 1993, daughter of John R. Mann and his wife Jennifer J. née Denison, who married at Ipswich in 1984. Growing up on a Suffolk farm at Cransford, surrounded by inspirations and, making sure to have a sketchbook with her, drawing the animals from life. A young aspiring Suffolk artist who has never studied professionally but is able to explore different mediums and techniques without limitations, embracing the freedom of her technical capabilities. Her artwork reincarnates pieces of our past, bringing them from the outside world back into our homes. Using acrylic, watercolour, lino printing, charcoal, and graphite as a way of conveying the individual characters of the subject, such as animals, stable doors, and roof tiles, these previously untouched items are Rachaelís inspiration. She had exhibited at Carley's Yard, Framlingham. Rachel has a studio at Old Jet Arts Centre just outside Rendlesham, Suffolk where she works on private commissions.

Works by This Artist