1947 - ?

On 14 June 1947, a group of artists, including the Dutch artist, Cor Visser founded the Rangers Art Club, as it was then known. For an annual subscription of 5/- (25p), the founder members would meet regularly. In 1967, the club was renamed The Orwell Art Club and welcomes leisure painters of all ages and ability and continues the tradition of welcoming all, whether beginner or professional. The current membership of 120 includes complete novices as well as people who are tutors in adult education and operates on a non-selective basis, so that each member becomes, in effect, his own judge and jury. Painting and sketching locally in the summer and workshops covering all media. Monthly evening meetings from September to June with demonstrations and talks. The club also offers the opportunity to display and sell works via the Orwell Art Club Online gallery and their annual exhibition.
Website: https://www.orwellartclub.co.uk

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