1965 - ?

In 1965 a group of artists including Julian Trevelyan (1910-1988), Michael Rothenstein (1908-1993), Anthony Gross (1905-1984), Stanley Jones (1933-2023) and Agathe Sorel (1933-2020) saw the need for a society that would promote new developments within printmaking and formed the Printmakers Council. The Printmakers Council is an artist run, non-profit making organisation the objectives of which are to promote the use of both traditional and innovative printmaking techniques by providing information on prints and printmaking to both its membership and the public, encouraging co-operation and exchanges between members, other associations and individuals and holding exhibitions of prints. It has consistently promoted the place of printmaking in the visual arts and in recent years, the Printmakers Council has organized exhibitions in London at the Bankside Gallery, Barbican Library, The National Theatre, the Mall Galleries and the Natural History Museum and throughout the UK including Scarborough, Rye, Margate, Newcastle, Stockport and Weymouth. Internationally there have been exhibitions in Paris and exchanges with Landau, Germany and the Printmakers of Western Australia.