1985 - ?

The Society of Botanical Artists was established in 1985, by Suzanne Lucas (19152008), and brings together artists of national and international repute. Their aims art to advance the education of the public by promoting the appreciation of botanical art, provide facilities for the exhibition of work by artists who practice this genre of art and promote the protection, appreciation, conservation and nurture of plants and natural habitats of plant life with special reference to endangered species. Over several years they exhibited at the Westminster Galleries but in 2019 began exhibiting at the Mall Galleries in London. Realising that The Art of Botanical Painting would be an ideal textbook on which to base a course, the Society launched its Distance Learning Diploma Course in January 2005. Many Courses have now been completed. The Society of Botanical Artists became a registered charity in 1995.
Enquiries for enrolment should be directed to the Executive Secretary [email protected]