1912 - ?

The building in which Central Hall Westminster operates is one of only a few to have been purpose-built for hosting events. Then known as Methodist Central Hall, the building was initially erected as a meeting space for the public and the Methodist Church and was designed by architects Henry Vaughan Lanchester and Edwin Alfred Rickards. Though primarily built for use by the Methodist Church, Central Hall Westminster was also intended to be used as a public meeting place for all people, regardless of their religious persuasion. After opening in October 1912, Methodist Central Hall quickly established itself as a prime setting for current affairs, debates, and concerts. Central Hall Westminster was soon born from its popularity, and they have been managing events on-site ever since. We also continue to be one of Londonís most sought-after venues, especially for staging special events, public concerts, and exhibitions and they continue to provide events services for a diverse roster of clients today. For fine art exhibitions and gallery showcases, the Aldersgate Room offers the perfect setting for up to 250 people.
Website: https://www.c-h-w.com

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