CAMP, Jeffery

1923 - 2020

Jeffery Camp

Jeffery Bruce Camp was born at Oulton Broad, Suffolk on 17 April 1923, only child of George Bruce Camp (20 July 1895-25 January 1969), a cabinet maker and antique dealer, and his wife Caroline Flogdell Hase née Denny (24 August 1893-1968), who married in 1921. In 1939, the family were living at 31 Royal Avenue, Lowestoft, Suffolk, and Jeffery studied at Lowestoft and Ipswich Schools of Art and at Edinburgh College of Art 1941-1944, under landscape artist William Gillies (1898-1973) and John Maxwell (1905-1962) and in 1949 exhibited at Institut Francais d'Ecosse in Randolph Square, Edinburgh. Awarded an Andrew Grant Travelling Scholarship both in 1944 and in 1945, and a David Murray Bursary for landscape painting in 1946, when he returned to Suffolk. A member and exhibitor at the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle 1946-1959 from Lowestoft, Camp went on to teach at Norwich and the Lowestoft Schools of Art, at Chelsea School of Art 1960-1961 and at the Slade School of Fine Art 1963-1988. He married in Suffolk in 1963, Laetitia Yhap and in 1967, they went to live at Hastings, Sussex where he and his wife both painted. He separated from his wife and moved to a studio at Clapham Common before moving to Stockwell, South London in 1982, but continued to go to the South Coast to continue painting the local scenery. His first solo exhibition was at the Beaux Arts Gallery, London in 1959 and had subsequent exhibitions in 1961 and 1963. Elected an Associate of the Royal Academy on 26 April 1974 and a full member on 9 May 1984. Other solo shows included at New Art Centre, London (1968), a retrospective at the South London Art Gallery (1973), Serpentine Gallery (1978), Nigel Greenwood Gallery, London (1986 and 1990) and several shows from 1984 with Browse & Darby, London. Jeffery was the author of several books including 'Draw: How to Master the Art' (1981), 'Paint' (1986), 'Almanac' (2010) &c. In 2010, the Royal Academy, in conjunction with Art Space Gallery, published Almanac, a collection of five hundred images of Camp’s works, including those done on the backs of old envelopes. Jeffery Bruce Camp died on 5 April 2020.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 31 Royal Avenue, Lowestoft, Suffolk
1947 189 Lighthouse Score
210 Sweet Chestnuts
from 78 Forthbridge Road, London SW 11
1970 920 Laetitia and a Hyacinth Bulb
         933 Laetitia in October
         977 Laetitia Getting up
1975 484 Birling Gap
         510 Filming: Beachy Head
         520 Red Bath
         891 Rocks, Hastings
         893 Chasm, Beachy Head
         895 Brink, Beachy Head
1976 33 Beachy Head, Wide Horizons
         34 Beachy Head, Stirring in the Winter
         35 Beachy Head, Hang Gliders
         36 Beachy Head, Rolling Sea up to the Lighthouse
         37 Beachy Head, Day Break
         38 Beachy Head, White Windswept Prospect
1977 385 Thilo von Watzdorf and Gerald Incandela
         386 Beachy Head, Precarious filming
         387 Beachy Head, Stars
         388 Beachy Head, Hang Glider at Sunset
         389 Beachy Head, Hang Gliders Soaring
         951 Bath
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