1927 - ?

As the Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston Art Society it was founded on 18 November 1927, when 22 artists met in response to a press invitation by the Yarmouth Mercury Art Exhibition held in the Northgate Rooms 3-5 November 1927, when the following officers were elected. Campbell A. Mellon, chairman; Frederick James Morrison, secretary with a committee of Mrs. Eleanor Edith Crawshaw; Frederick Riches Delf; Rowland Fisher; John James Hall; Miss Kate Emily Jode; Arthur Edward Kerrison; William Edward Mayes; Oliver Charles Redgrave and Meredith Charles Watling and there were 47 founder members. Their first exhibition was held at the Northgate Rooms, Great Yarmouth on 19-21 April 1928 when 28 of the members exhibited some 90 works and were graded by Cecil Lay. About 1954 the Society changed its name to the Great Yarmouth & District Society of Artists and was still holding exhibitions in 2019.