1949 - ?

Richard Nejranowski

As Ryszard Z. Nejranowski, he as born at Blackburn, Lancashire in 1949, son of Josef Nejranowski (1905-1962) and his wife Wanda née Gadzina (7 June 1925-4 December 1990). Richard studied at De Montford College, Romsey, Hampshire 1962-1968 with Fine Art training at Blackburn College of Technology & Design 1969-1970, Loughborough College 1970 and Trent Park College, London 1970-1973. He married at Surrey mid-Eastern district in 1974, Patricia A. Yates and on returning to England from Western Australia in 1976, together with his wife, settled in Suffolk. Richard then completed a post-graduate degree at Goldsmith’s College, London 1984-1985 and, after a career in Art teaching, is now a full-time artist designer. His style, colourist/post-minimalism, pares down his paintings to bare essentials and aims to move the viewer in a subjective way. His work is underpinned with references to landscape and sea, changing weather patterns, architecture and memory. Richard has exhibited at Fernini Gallery, Lowestoft; Wingfield Festival Gallery; Blackthorpe Barns, Bury St Edmund's; Time and Tide Museum, Great Yarmouth; Aldebourgh Gallery; Snape Galleries; Upstairs Gallery, Beccles; King of Heart’s Gallery, Norwich; Cut and the Open at Halesworth; Abel Gallery Raveningham; Harleston Gallery and at Ethna Dillon Gallery, Norwich and elsewhere. He is also a member of Suffolk Open Studios from Old Dairy Studio, Hungate Lane, Beccles.

Works by This Artist