1883 - ?

Walthamstow School of Art was formed in 1883 by the Walthamstow Literary Institute and based at the Trinity School, in West Avenue, which was connected with the Science and Art Department in South Kensington which is now known as the Royal College of Art. In 1892 it moved to Grosvenor House, Hoe Street, and in 1900 to Court House, Hoe Street. In 1906 the administration was taken over by the Walthamstow Higher Education Committee. In the early 1960s Walthamstow was one of the best schools of art in the country and the Royal College of Art admitted more students from Walthamstow than from any other school. But a perverse outcome of the Coldstream reforms was that accreditation for the new Diploma in Art and Design (DipAD) was withheld from many well-regarded schools, including Walthamstow. In the 1970s, it was merged into Northeast London Polytechnic and now part of the University of East London.