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The Woodbridge Industrial Art Exhibitions were held irregularly with the first being held in New Street Assembly Rooms in 1880 and the second at the Lecture Hall, Woodbridge in 1883 and the third in April 1887. (Ipswich Journal 29 April 1887). A Woodbridge Fine Art Exhibition was opened on 19 June 1889 at the Bull Hotel Assembly Room, which was a successor, the promoters being Mr J. H. Wrinch and Mr George Booth when the exhibiting artist included:-
Stephen John Batchelder
Walter Daniel Batley
Herbert Edward Butler
The Misses Churchyard assumed to be
Miss Harriett Churchyard
Miss Laura Churchyard
(Herbert) Moxon Cook (1844-22 September 1928)
Frederick George Cotman
Ruth Emma Darling
John Duval
Mary Harriet Earnshaw
Arthur Field
George Green Fiske
John Bedloe Goddard
William Thompson Griffiths
Ferdinand Emilius Grone
John Brook Hart
Luther Hooper
Annie Lucy Hunnibell
Charles Kell
Bessie Ellen Lingwood
Edward Thomas Lingwood
James Herbert Midgley
John Moore
Catherine Maude Nichols
(Robert) Lindley Nunn
Edward Packard, jun.
George Parsons Norman
Pattie Eleanor Norman
Henry Robertson
Ellen Maru Rope
George Thomas Rope
Edward Robert Smythe
Ellen Maria Sexton
William Robert Symonds
Henry George Todd
Duff (James Alfred) Tollemache
Agnes Loveridge Tracy
Jessie Fife Tracy
Lucy Waller
John Henry Wrinch