1856 - 1908

Born at Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, Corwall in 1856, daughter of Charles Waller (1826-1867), an army officer stationed at Pendennis Castle, and his wife Frances Caroline Kerr née Hollingsworth [Waller q.v.], who married at Stowmarket, Suffolk on 28 March 1853. Lucy studied at the Ipswich School of Science & Art and in 1880 passed out in Advanced Painting. In 1881, Lucy was a 24 year old artist and private teacher in painting, living at 1 Clifton Villas, Anglesea Road, Ipswich the home of her 47 year old widowed mother, a military pensioner with income from property, with two younger siblings Alice Maud Mary 22 [q.v.] and Hilda 18, both born in Canada, a 12 year old cousin Kathleen F. Moore, born in India and they retained two servants. A painter in oil and watercolour of landscapes, portraits, animals and flowers and a member of Ipswich Fine Art Club 1885-1893 exhibiting from Anglesea Road, Ipswich in 1880 two watercolours 'The Farmer's Enemy' and 'Great Blakenham', in 1881 seven pictures an oil 'Bran-A Portrait' and watercolours 'A Robin's Te Deum', 'Shanklin Chine, Isle of Wight', 'A Hampshire Lane', 'Open to a World of Wonders' and two 'Still Life', eleven works in 1882 and in 1883 from 49 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich an oil 'Aging', and in 1884 six works, in 1885 four 'Royal Tigers', 'The King and Queen of Beasts', 'Scamp-A portrait' and a watercolour 'Flower' and continued to exhibit until 1893 showing some eighty-three works. In 1891 they moved the Manor House, Newton Longville, Bletchley when Lucy was an 'artist animal painter' and she also exhibited at the Society of British Artists from this address in 1892 a watercolour 'Flowers' but by 1901 and artist & fruit grower at The Red House, Lower End, Newton Longville, Buckinghamshire where she died in 1908, aged 52, she was unmarried.

Works by This Artist