1974 - ?

Oulton Broad Art Circle was founded in 1974 when Alice Welsh, with around twelve friends, held a meeting at the Welch’s home in Caldicott Road, Oulton Broad in the early autumn of 1974. At the first meeting, Alice Welch was chairman and Derek Plant the secretary and the meeting was attended by Derek Knights, Derek Plant, John Holmes, Douglas Urquhart, Douglas Hosea, Harold Cushing, Alice Welch, Joan Tusting, Carolyn Reeder, Peter Fletcher, David Balder and others unknown. The first president was Jason Partner (1922-2005) with Douglas Hosea, chairman; Carolyn Reeder, treasurer and Joan Tusting, secretary. The Oulton Broad Art Circle is a friendly club of amateur artists with a wide range of artistic abilities and interests in all mediums. The Club meets on the second, third and fourth Wednesday of the month at the Oulton Community Centre in Oulton village at 7.30 p.m. Club evenings consist of demonstrations by artists in various mediums and workshop evenings along with the occasional talks. The club holds a highly successful annual exhibition where members can display their works for sale.
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