2003 - ?

Butley Mills Studios in Suffolk moved to Butley from Yew Tree Farm Studios Artistic Community, a community of artists in Laxfield, which took place in early 2003 with the opportunity to set up a new bronze foundry, make a new home for the group and encourage new artists. The founding members included Ronald Harry Fuller, Laurence Edwards, Sian O'Keeffe, Stuart Anderson, Keir Smith and Chris Summerfield. Butley Mills Studios is for artists, bronze casters, painters, and sculptors and is run by the Clock House Arts Association, a charity, and is in the depths of rural Suffolk, at the head of Butley Creek, near Woodbridge an area of outstanding natural beauty. Since 2003 artists have come to work at the studios with its creative working atmosphere and has included Brian Taylor (1935-2013) Christopher Le Brun, Nigel Lofthouse, Kate Giles, Caroline Wright and many others. See also Clock House Studios.
Website: https://www.butleymillsstudios.co.uk