1942 - ?

John Morley

John E. Morley was born at 19 Aviemore Way, Beckenham, Kent on 12 September 1942, son of William John Morley (27 November 1900-3 March 1970), a plumber on Southern railways, and his wife Annie Daisy née Miller (21 July 1903-16 April 1991), who married at Bromley, Kent in 1926. A lifelong interest in botany began during Morley's childhood, spent partly on an estate in Kent, where his grandfather was a gardener. John studied at Beckenham School of Art and at Ravensbourne School of Art 1957-1962 followed by the Royal Academy Schools until 1966 and in 1974 gained a further scholarship from the Arts Council. He married at Chanctonbury, Sussex in 1972, fellow artist Diana Howard, and they had one daughter. A visiting lecturer at Epsom School of Art also assistant Master at Westminster School of Art; Suffolk College and at the Royal Academy Schools. A painter who was a member and exhibitor at Royal Society of British Artists and New English Art Club, also exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition also showing at Paris Salon and elsewhere with regular solo shows at Piccadilly Gallery from 1977. He sometimes signs his work 'J.M.' and lived at North Green, Stoven, near Halesworth, Suffolk where, in the grounds of his Suffolk cottage has, for over thirty years, cultivated one of the most extraordinary gardens. Through his deep knowledge of his subject he has lovingly seeded, planted, labelled, and grown an astounding variety of plants and many rare species including auriculas, fritillaries and over three hundred varieties of snowdrops. Like his friends, the late Cedric Morris and John Nash these have become a natural subject matter for his paintings. In 1990 elected a Brother of the Art Workers Guild and in 1996 a member of the Society of Wood Engravers. His works are held by Museum of Modern Art, Wales; Arts Council of Great Britain; Ashmolean Museum; Glasgow City Art Gallery; National Trust; Victoria & Albert Museum; British Museum and several private collectors. He signed his works 'John Morley'.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 19 Aviemore Way, Beckenham, Kent
1964 445 Harmonium
         515 Still Life with Mug
         533 Still Life
1965 734 Breckland Church
1966 343 Beehives, Oak Lodge
         831 Garden: Winter
1967 411 A Garden
         444 Hen House
1969 333 Landscape near Hoo, Suffolk
         598 Christopher Dorset, Esq.
1970 236 Elder Flowers and Butterflies
         266 The Table
from 6 Burgh Heath Road, Epsom, Surrey
1971 642 Armchair
         727 Topiary at Beckley Park
1972 341 Nobby Bridge
         880 Lady Fairfax-Lucy at Charlecote
1973 318 Winter Topiary at Levens Hall
         401 Old Fancy Auriculas
         425 Old Florist's Auriculas and Flower Pots
1974 336 Still Life
         934 Casts and Auriculas
from North Green, Stoven, Beccles, Suffolk
1975 387 The Orangery, Heveningham Hall
1976 141 Toadstools
1977 234 Silver Jug
         282 Rose ‘Elizabeth of Glamis’
from c/o Piccadilly Gallery, 16a Cork Street, West London
1978 214 From the Auricula Collection: Grey Edged Fancy
         222 From the Auricula Collection: Green Edged Fancy
         1022 Noah and the Animals - watercolour
1979 232 The Tower - pencil
         419 From the Auricula Collection: No. 6. Green Edged
         1124 'his helmet now shall make a Hive of Bees'
from North Green, Stoven, Beccles, Suffolk
1980 403 Basket of Redcurrants
         444 Auriculas: White Edged Fancy
from c/o Piccadilly Gallery, 16a Cork Street, West London
1981 387 Four Flower Pots
1982 410 North Green Farm in Winter
1983 535 Redcurrants
1984 509 Gladwin Iris and Art Deco Tray
         1339 A Summer Garden
1985 315 Yellow Trellis Pyramid
         327 Apple Tree
         458 Auriculas
1986 39 Basket of Auriculas
         1162 Japanese Anenomes
         1378 Bell Tent - watercolour
1987 771 Dried Flowers
         1005 Strawberries
         1006 Quinces
1988 25 Old Barn, Leschaux
         27 The Old Farm, Cortijo del Quadros II
         28 Flower Pots
1989 889 The Old Farm, Cortijo del Quadros II
1992 407 Three Auriculas
         421 Fritillaries
         923 Garden Remembered - etching
1993 233 Moving the Bell Jars - wood engraving
         400 Anemones
         900 Flower Pots and a Bell Jar, late Summer
1994 166 Barn Owl - wood engraving
         476 Basket and Auricul
         488 Still Life: Pears
1995 201 Spanish Basket of Quinces
         960 Spring Flowers
1996 552 Still Life: Pears
         1159 Auricula in a Flower Pot
1997 185 Evening Star - wood engraving
         379 Grey Edge Show Auricula in a Basket
from c/o Piccadilly Gallery, 43 Dover Street, West London
1998 441 Auricula and a Ladder
         511 Still Life: Jug and Pears
1999 313 Green Edged Auricula Prague - pastel
         319 Sweet Peas in a Glass
2000 376 Basket of Glasses with Medlars and Walnuts - pastel
         389 Fritillaries in a Glass
         393 Still Life: Turnips - pastel
2001 293 Still Life: Lemons in a Basket - pastel
         296 Fritillaries in a Jar
         297 Still Life: Sea Bream
2002 595 Winter: Still Life
         597 Still Life: Pears and Snowberries
         598 Still Life: Cabbage, Pears and Plums
2003 481 Apple, Hazelnuts and Peas
         526 Snowdrops in a Glass
2005 501 Figs
2006 393 Winter: Still Life
         429 Cedric's Fritillaries
         587 Arch with Auricula
from North Green, Stoven, Beccles, Suffolk
2007 380 Green-Edged Auricula oil
2008 308 Still Life, Pomegranates oil
         443 Still Life, Cakes
2010 462 Still Life, Peas
2011 465 Still Life Flowers

Works by This Artist