1947 - ?

Diana Rosemary Howard was born at Wallington, Surrey on 31 March 1947, daughter of Cyril C. Howard and his wife Grace I. née Kiddle, who married at Battersea in 1940. Diana studied at Sutton College of Art and Epsom School of Art and, as a postgraduate student, at the Royal Academy Schools under Peter Greenham (1909-1992) 1969-1971, gaining a David Murray Studentships in Landscape 1967-1969 and the Landseer Prize, and the Royal Academy Schools Bronze Medal for Painting in 1970. She married at Chanctonbury, Sussex in 1972, fellow artist John Morley but continued to paint as Diana Howard, they had one daughter. Diana is a painter in oil, watercolour and mixed media, and her artistic influences moved from Celtic mythology to eastern mysticism and her spiritual pictures have also shown an increasing reverence for elemental landscape. An Associate of Peter Blake's 'The Brotherhood of Ruralists' and included in their shows and has had other mixed shows including at the Royal Academy; the Piccadilly Gallery; New Grafton Gallery and Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol and Cork Brick Gallery, Suffolk with solo shows at Bath Festival Gallery 1982, Somerset Rural Life Museum Gallery 1988 and Chappel Galleries, Essex 1991. She lived at North Green, Stoven, Halesworth, Suffolk and now lives at Chelmsford, Essex.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from North Green, Stoven, Beccles, Suffolk
1976 159 She lies Buried in the Silent Tomb
         180 All Saintís Day, 1937
1978 223 Cricket Screen
1979 1159 Beehive Dress
1983 544 Percy and Friends
1985 147 The Chase
         221 Davidís Washing Line
1986 145 The Spotted Handkerchief
1992 37 Birthday Party
         1359 Polyanthus
2001 344 Still Life: Pink Daisies

Works by This Artist