1896 - ?

Epsom Campus

The Epsom Technical Institute and School of Art was originally built as result of the local funding through public subscription which Lord Rosebery, 5th Earl of Rosebery, was a substantial contributor. In the 1930s it was transferred to the Surrey County Council under trust for the continuance of the art and technical education in the district. In September 1893 building started on the Technical Institute in Church Street, Epsom and was completed in May 1896 and was opened by Lord Rosebery, and the first Principal of the Art School was William Henry Osmond (1865-1943) who held office until 1930, and the site was occupied until 1980. The School has gone through several name changes and the School of Art & Design was opened in April 1973 and in 1994 Epsom School of Art and Design merged with West Surrey College of Art & Design to become the Surrey Institute for Art and Design. It is now within the University For the Creative Arts.