1861 - ?

The Marylebone and West London School of Art was founded in 1861 and was an educational establishment in London and worked with the Science and Art Department in South Kensington and offered lessons including architectural and life drawing. It began in Wells Street and with some 60 pupils.
In 1863 the school moved to Portland Place and in 1867, the West London School was third, behind Edinburgh and Glasgow, in the number of prizes awarded for works sent to South Kensington for examination. By 1873, the school was at 204 Oxford Street and in 1880, moved to 155 Great Titchfield Street, being described as one of the six largest UK art schools. The School included a sculpture gallery, a life-class room and rooms for architecture, design, and modelling classes. Over the years the number of students to decline when around 1889 the school was merged into the larger Regent Street Polytechnic. The Polytechnic's art department later separated and merged with the Chelsea Polytechnic in 1964 to form the Chelsea School of Art.