1825 - ?

Mount Street

Liverpool School of Art started life as the Mechanics School of Arts in 1825, mechanics in this instance referring to artisans and craftsmen, with the aim to encourage the study of the sciences of their current or future occupations and was the first school of art and design in England outside of London. In 1832 it was renamed The Mechanics Institute when evening classes in mechanical drawing, figure drawing and landscape drawing commenced. In 1837. when their new building was opened in Mount Street, it was unofficially known as Mount Street School of Art or Liverpool Institute and School of Art. Students included professional artists, architects, engravers, carvers, gilders, painters, cabinet makers, upholsterers, joiners, plasterers, and stone masons and by 1856 it had changed into the South Liverpool School of Art. On 1 April 1970 it was merged as the Liverpool Polytechnic, the institutions which were included at its inception were the Regional College of Technology, the College of Art, the College of Building and the College of Commerce. Following Incorporation in 1989, the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 turned polytechnics into universities and one of these new institutions was Liverpool John Moores University, which received its Royal Charter on 1 September 1992 and is now known as Liverpool John Moores University.