c.1970 - ?

Harold Stanley Ede (7 April 1895–15 March 1990) known as Jim Ede, a former assistant curator at the Tate Gallery, and his wife Helene née Schlapp (9 January 1894-1977) known at Helen Ede, married at Chelsea on 6 January 1921 and had two daughters. The Ede's moved to Cambridge in 1956 and converted four small cottages with the help of Winton Aldridge into one idiosyncratic house and a place to display Ede's collection of early 20th-century art. The Ede's maintained an 'open house' each afternoon, giving any visitors, particularly students, a personal tour of the collection and in 1966, gave the house and collection to the University of Cambridge, but continued living there before he and his wife moved to Edinburgh in 1973. The house is preserved as the Edes left it, making a very informal space to enjoy the permanent collection and live music. In 1970, the house was extended, adding an exhibition gallery in a contrasting modernist style by Leslie Martin. Kettle’s Yard, named after a local family, is now the University of Cambridge’s modern and contemporary art gallery. Set in a beautiful house, it hosts a remarkable collection of modern art and regular contemporary art exhibitions and on display are works by Constantin Brancusi, Gaudier-Brzeska, Christopher Wood, Alfred Wallis, Ben and Winifred Nicholson, David Jones, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.