1985 - ?

Ally Zawadzki, working under the name of ‘AZ’, constructs sculptural and three-dimensional wall art pieces which draw upon their recognisable origins and materials inspired by organic forms seen around us in nature and our domestic surroundings. These practice-led investigations and an experimental approach to her work often involve the construction of a piece using reclaimed fabric, PVA glue and cement, which is then destroyed (or ‘deconstructed’) to form the basis of further investigations resulting in the finished artwork. She enthusiastically embraces the idea of allowing an element of spontaneity to influence the development of her work. This destruction and reconstruction can occur at any point during the journey, allowing the process to be visible in the final work. The artwork slowly develops and takes on a life of its own through the considered use of acrylic paint and acid staining, resulting in a gradual building up textures. This means of manipulating and transforming the surface, examines the very nature of materials we are comfortably familiar with and raises questions about preconceptions and tactile experience. A Waveney Valley artist and as Ally Marriner a member of Easterly Artists. She has exhibited at Ferini Art Gallery, Pakefield, Lowestoft; Handa Gallery, Wells net Sea, Norfolk, The Yare Gallery, Great Yarmouth, St Andrews Hall, Norwich, Black Dog Art St Mary's Church, Bungay, Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk and elsewhere.

Works by This Artist