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Halesworth Gallery

As The Halesworth Art Gallery Association it was founded in 1966 by Jack and Sheila Arbuthnot with four other local people: Mary Colby, Daniel Del-Rivo, Jennifer Dickson and Patrick Roberts. The objective was, and still is, to exhibit modern painting and sculpture of the highest possible standard on a non-profit-making basis and for the general enjoyment of all; and, it is hoped, for the benefit of the artists since all works were for sale. The Gallery at Steeple End, Halesworth is open from May to September each year and the artists are chosen by the selection committee in early January of each year. They have up to a hundred applications each year and they make six shows a year out of these applications, allowing a three to four year gap between artist's shows to give as many artists a chance to show as possible. Early exhibitors included Elisabeth Frink, Feliks Topolski (1907-1989), Mary Potter and Josef Herman and the gallery has shown the work of those artists who have a connection with East Anglia. It is sometimes still referred to as Steeple End Gallery.
Website: http://www.halesworthgallery.co.uk