1965 - ?

Ian Moss

Ian James Moss was born at Maldon, Essex in 1965, son of Laurence Alexander Moss (22 September 1927-2005) and his wife Jean née Rice, who married at Maldon in 1950. Ian spent his childhood in the nearby village of Goldhanger, by a river estuary with a population of some seven hundred. Ian studied at North-East Essex Technical College School of Art, now the Colchester University Centre, gaining a Diploma in Art & Design and at Portsmouth Polytechnic gaining his honours degree in Fine Art in 1985 and at the University of Suffolk in Ipswich. Ian has created art for many years, being inspired by a variety of diverse materials, transient art can often be better than art that sits there forever saying nothing. Recently he found that he needed to be more commercial and has begun working on 'things that might sell' and exhibited at Freudian Sheep Gallery in Ipswich of which he was co-owner with Eleanor May 2013-2016. He is now based in Essex.

Works by This Artist