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StolenSpace Gallery

The Truman Brewery, at 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, is East London's revolutionary arts and media quarter, is home to a hive of creative businesses as well as exclusively independent shops, galleries, markets, bars, and restaurants. For over several years the Truman Brewery has been regenerating its ten acres of vacant and derelict buildings into spectacular office, retail, leisure and event spaces. The finely tuned mix of business and leisure has created an environment unique in London, making the Truman Brewery a destination. StolenSpace Gallery has been exhibiting contemporary artwork since 2005 with some of their artists having a background in Graffiti and Street Art, but not exclusively but all are influenced by contemporary culture and pushing the boundaries in their individual artistic practices. StolenSpace continues to be a main hub of creative expression in East London, offering artists and the public an alternative artistic environment. The diversity of the art they exhibit continues to prove why StolenSpace Gallery has such a high reputation internationally. Suffolk Artists who have exhibited at Truman Brewery include Val Bright-jones, Hutch Hutchinson, Charles Edward Overbury and Michelle Ranson.