1891 - ?

Hammersmith College of Art

Hammersmith College of Art and Building was founded in 1891 at Brook Green by Francis Hawke, with the establishment of a few evening classes to prepare students for science and art certificates. In 1904 the school was taken over by London County Council and a new building erected at Lime Grove, which opened with an extended curriculum in 1908. A trade school for girls was erected on the same site in 1914. From the beginning, the College had a tradition of training and education in art associated with the building and craft profession. A new building was opened in 1930. Hammersmith College merged with Chelsea College of Art & Design in 1975. In January 2002, Ealing School of Art, Hammersmith and West London College is formed by the merger of Ealing Tertiary College and Hammersmith & West London College and in 2017 Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College acquires the name West London College from Heriot-Watt University.