1976 - ?

Verity Watkins

As Verity Shepherd, she was born in Portsmouth in 1976. Verity studied Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University and then went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2002. Verity married in Hampshire in 2005 Stephen Watkins and worked as a Secondary Art Teacher in Hampshire 2002-2009 when Verity, with her husband Stephen and their daughter, moved to Qatar for some 8 years. She continued her studies also spending time studying and painting camels, but also painting abstract landscape of the desert and sea. Verity has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Doha with the Art group, International Artists of Doha, at the Corridor, Grand Hyatt Hotel, and many Open House exhibitions and since returning to live in Suffolk has joined Suffolk Open Studios and Art in East Anglia art group. Verity is a contemporary animal portrait artist, her paintings, produced using acrylic paint, some with resin, are bursting with colour, texture and show the quirky characteristics of her subject through her painting style and composition and more recently her work has been focussed on endangered wildlife as well as common farm animals. Verity also paints abstract landscapes and has completed a mural in Framlingham. Verity has her studio at Winchmore, 10a Mount Pleasant, Framlingham, Suffolk.
Website https://watkinsartwork.co.uk

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