WOODWARD, Patricia

1953 - ?

Patricia Woodward

Patricia Woodward, was born at Ipswich in 1953. She studied printmaking under Jude Lockie [q.v.] of the Suffolk Group at Suffolk College, now University Campus Suffolk. A change of location and life experience took her to Equatorial Guinea with her husband, where she had time to practice printmaking and exhibit her work. Another change of location gave her the opportunity to study drawing at the Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas, where she also exhibited printmaking. Her next location was in France where she set up her studio to exhibit with the ‘Pôle Expérimental des Metiers D’Art (Nontron)’; the group ‘Label Estampe’ also having solo exhibitions in the Dordogne. She has now returned to her native Suffolk where she is a member of Sudbourne Park Printmakers, improving my etching skills under Gareth Jones [q.v.], and exhibited bi-annually with that group, and a full member of Suffolk Open Studios from her studio at Green Oak, New Street, Stradbroke, Suffolk. Her work are in private collections in USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Thailand, France and Great Britain and hangs in the Equatorial Guinean French Cultural Centre and American and French embassies of that country.

Works by This Artist