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Founded in the late 1940s by a group of local artists who met monthly in what is now the Academy of Music in High Street, Lowestoft. This group collapsed due to poor support and lack of funding. During the early 1950s a second group was formed by Eleanor Varley [q.v.], then principal of the Regent Road Art School, Lowestoft with monthly meeting held at Morton Road School of Art, this group continued until Miss Varley retired and moved away from Lowestoft. Then Arthur Lees and Wilfred Sutton [q.v.], started a group and advertised in the 'Lowestoft Journal' for members when they obtained about six members including Gerald Rose [q.v.] but after about six months this enterprise also collapsed. At this time the professional 'Lowestoft & District Art Society' which had a very high standards of work was operating at which Wilfred Sutton exhibited, but owing to its very high standard of work was very difficult to become a member. In 1959 an advertisement appeared in the 'Lowestoft Journal', asking those interested in Art to attend a meeting at The Hatfield Hotel, Lowestoft when the meeting was well attended including Hubert Palfrey [q.v.], Dr. Roy Vining [q.v.] and his wife Irene Mary Vining[q.v.], Colin Self from Norfolk, Peter Lang [q.v.], Wilfred Sutton [q.v.] and Peter Beare [q.v.] and the present Lowestoft & District Art Group was duly formed. An early exhibition was held at the hotel but the Group really got underway with its first major exhibition at St. John's Church Hall in December 1960, which was also the venue for their meetings. A few years later the exhibition venue moved to the Copperfield Lounge at the Suffolk Hotel and then the exhibitions moved to South Lowestoft Methodist Church but proved to be an unsuccessful location and the Group moved its exhibitions to the new public library and then to the Regent Road Art Centre Gallery but this closed in 1995. They then used Lord Kitchener's Memorial Holiday Centre, Kirkley Cliff for meetings and working evenings. A friendly art club, working with all mediums, including sculpture and still holds summer exhibitions, in 2017 at Lowestoft United Reform Church, London Road North, Lowestoft. http://www.lowestoftartgroup.co.uk

Members and/or exhibitors not noted in Suffolk Painters for lack of information
K. G. Elwood B. Fitt W. F. Greaves Bill Hayward Arthur Lee
Eddie Pearce H. B. Sawyer P. M. Tull C. Warner