1956 - ?

Mark Copeland

Mark A. Copeland was born in mid-eastern Surrey district in 1956, his mother's maiden name was Banks. Mark studied at Cambridge School of Art, 1973-1974 and Canterbury College of Art 1974-1977 gaining his degree in graphic design in 1977. Apprenticed for four years to the Suffolk sound artist Tom Taylor and subsequently worked as a performance artist, illustrator, and author, working as model maker and prop designer for television and film, including on productions of 'Hard Times', 'Cold Lazarus', 'The Borrowers', and 'Gormenghast'. His oil paintings often feature outsize objects, such as a tea pot hovering above Boston Harbour or a cabbage floating under Tower Bridge. He has exhibited his works at Portal Gallery, London from 1979 with solo shows 1991-1999; Wally Findlay Galleries, New York; Halesworth Gallery, Suffolk Heffer Gallery, Cambridge and elsewhere. Copeland's 'Insect Circus Museum', which toured England 2005-2006 is a touring work of performance art in which an antique truck is transformed into a miniature, magical world, purporting to commemorate the 300-year history of a traveling circus operated by the Piper family. Writing is a sideline to his main career, and he is the author of the children's book 'The Bundle at Blackthorpe Heath' (2006). He married at St Albans, Hertfordshire in 1978, Rosie Copeland and secondly at Bury St Edmund's in 1995, Sarah E. Munro, and works from his home at 25 Church Road, Great Livermere, Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk.

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