1820 - ?

Ealing Green

Ealing College opened as Church House Boys’ School at the corner of Church Lane and St. Mary’s Road. In 1880 Church House school moved to new premises in the Mall at the corner of Hamilton Road, and opened in 1880 as Ealing College, leaving Church House to be demolished in 1882 and in 1901 Ealing College moves to the Hall, Ealing Green. In 1937 Ealing College becomes known as Ealing Technical Institute and School of Art and in 1961 as Ealing Technical College and in 1977 becomes Ealing College of Higher Education. In January 2002, Ealing, Hammersmith College of Art and West London College is formed by the merger of Ealing Tertiary College and Hammersmith & West London College. In 2017 Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College acquires the name West London College from Heriot-Watt University,