CREASY, Jennie

1941 - 2010

As Jennifer Mary Creasy, she was born at Brentford, London in 1941, daughter of Cecil Theo Creasy (12 June 1915-2005), garage manager, and his wife Doris Conway née Cunning (born 16 February 1912), a mannequin, who in 1939, were living at 14 Marble Hill Close, Twickenham and married at Brentford in 1942. Jennie studied at the Ealing Art School from 1956, where her personality was nurtured and where joint ventures between students and tutors, who were often only a decade older than the young artists, were encouraged. When Creasy came of age the leading painters were often associated with artistic groups in Newlyn and St Ives in Cornwall and paintings and drawings by Jenny Creasy attest to the nature of her pictorial gift, which was to transform her emotions into colour and brushwork that have the gentleness of meditation. In 1982, she came to live at North Hill, Wangford, Suffolk and over the next quarter of a century, Creasy was an artist of private thoughts, untroubled exploration and hard-won contentment. She married firstly, at Kensington, London in 1962, Brian A. Wall and secondly, at Islington in 1982, Anthony [Tony] Casement [q.v.]. Although occupied with marriage and with raising of the first two of her four children, she did not stop painting in those years although her domestic duties prevented a fully public career. She had a commemorative exhibition at Mandell's Gallery, Norwich in 2014. She died on 31 August 2010 and buried in Sotterley burial ground, near to her home at 9 The Hill, Wangford near Beccles, Suffolk.

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