1969 - ?

'Jamie' Clements was born in Suffolk and educated at Cumbria College of Art & Design. He lives in a wood in Suffolk and makes work that is inspired by his wife Max Clements, the nature that surrounds him and the archetypes of his childhood. Throughout his practice he finds himself drawn to the figure, which he depicts in fanatical detail through drawing, painting, and sculpture. He finds inspiration in the meticulous craftsmanship of artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Richard Dadd and Holman Hunt and re-interprets the ideals presented by these artists through a union with his childhood toys. He exhibited at the Royal Academy from Pequod Cottage, 23 Blacklands Lane, Sudbourne, Suffolk in 2018, a sculpture piece 'Venus Christ, Morning Star' enamel paint and gold leaf in jesmonite in an edition of 3.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from Pequod, 23 Blacklands, Sudbourne, Suffolk
2018 1330 Venus Christ, Morning Star - enamel paint and gold leaf in jesmonite

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