1997 - ?

Peninsula Crafts is an arts and crafts group based in and around the Shotley Peninsula in Suffolk. It was formed in 1997 by a dedicated and highly skilled group of artisans and craftspeople who live on the peninsula, and who create a wide range of items not only for exhibition but for sale. The group has proved to be a lively forum for local crafters, and successful, celebrating its 25th exhibition in May 2013. With guest exhibitors, many with national and international reputations, each exhibition is diverse, and throughout the years has contributed a small but vital part to the local economy. The group arranges two formal exhibitions and sales a year - in Spring and Autumn often held at the Ipswich High School in Woolverstone Park near Ipswich. These regular events have attracted a dedicated and growing number of customers from across the UK and abroad. In past years, they have also hosted a one day Working Exhibition. This gives people the opportunity to see some of the artisans at work, discuss the crafts in a relaxed and informal setting and to buy some of the pieces on display.