1984 - ?

Michal Janowski

Michal Janowski was born at Poznan, Poland in 1984. He studied architecture and art at Poznan and in 2004 moved to England where he studied at the University of East Anglia, gaining a graduate certificate in Visual Arts, and at University Campus Suffolk, now the University of Suffolk under artists Michael Lumb, and David Baldry, gaining his B.A. (hons) Fine Art in 2009. Inspired by Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, he creates portraits and figurative studies that explore the sensual realm of human experience. Michal uses a variety of mediums including charcoal, ink, spray paint, acrylic, and gesso to create his haunting paintings and drawings. Michal has exhibited at Degree Show, UCS at Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich; Ancient House, Ipswich; Frame Workshop & Gallery, Ipswich; Signal Gallery, London; Sporf Art Gala, Sheffield and abroad at Perplexing Reflections, Kubik and Face-hiders, Latarka, both in Budapest and elsewhere. He has completed a collaboration project with visual artist Jan Pawlowicz.
Website: https://www.michaljanowski.co.uk

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