LUMB, Michael

1945 - ?

Michael M. Lumb, was born at Richmond, Yorkshire in 1945, son of Arthur Lunn and his wife Ada née Jennings, who married at Hull in 1923. Working in performance art, installation, video and bookworks, Michael Lumb had his first one man show more than 50 years ago, since when he has exhibited and performed in Britain, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Serbia and the Ukraine. Michael Lumb has also written on bookarts and curated a number of bookarts exhibitions, and with Emma Johnson [q.v.], in 1999 set-up the GRIP partnership to generate and curate international exhibitions in Ipswich and abroad. Living at 9 Redan Street, Ipswich, his solo shows include Redemption St Thomas's Church, Ipswich; Cinderella Asylum, Woodbridge, Suffolk; Vitrine for Kosovo, National Museum of Foreign Art, Riga, Latvia; Burnt Norton, Museum of Bookarts, Lodz, Poland; Forefront Gallery, UCS Ipswich and elsewhere with many mixed exhibitions. His work is held in many private collections and in public collections including Canadian Museum of Civilisation; Museum of Graphic Design, Buenos Aries, Argentina; Getty Foundation, USA; Museum of Bookarts, Lodz, Poland; King St Stephen Museum, Artists’ Book Collection; Fo Utca, Hungary; Union Fine Arts Station Kropswolde collection, Foxhol, The Netherlands and Tate Archive, London.